Cherry Angiomas Treatment

Cherry angiomas

Cherry angiomas are the most common vascular lesions to appear on human skin. They are made up of clusters of dilated capillaries on the surface of the skin, which accounts for the cherry-red or purple color.  Cherry angiomas (ruby spots) are harmless clusters of dilated tiny blood vessels (capillaries) .

Bright, cherry red, smooth spots appear most often on the trunk and upper legs but may also be found on the face, neck, scalp, and arms. When they first occur, cherry angiomas are about the size of a pinhead and do not protrude above the surface of the skin. However, some grow to 1/4 inch across or more, and become spongy and dome- or mushroom-shaped. A cherry angioma is painless and harmless, but many persons want them removed for cosmetic reasons. Large angiomas can bleed profusely when they are injured. Because of this, don't puncture them or try to remove them yourself. You can develop cherry angiomas anytime in your life.

You probably don't want to delay natural treatment. Because your skin is likely to be very responsive to natural treatment when your cherry angioma blemishes are fresh.  New ones usually continue to appear as you get older.


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1. First, cleanse skin with a mild cleanser. Dry the skin.

2. Start with one cherry angioma blemish or a small patch of cherry angioma no larger than 1-inch in diameter.

3. Apply the cherry angioma blemish cream  by  coating  the cream onto your blemished skin to moisten it.
4. Let  your skin absorbs the skin-healing formula. Once absorbed , usually 10 minutes later, the skin care application is complete.


Ally Hudson, 36, New York, USA

I have always thought that the only way to get rid of cherry angiomas was by laser treatment. I was hesitant to go for one because I have seen horrid burns on my friends skin when she sought laser treatment. I was excited when I read some comments on Ehealth forum about your natural cherry angiomas treatment. It has not disappointed me indeed, my cherry angiomas were promptly cleared after a few applications!


Arora Pratima, 29, Calcutta, India

I feel so happy having used your cherry angiomas treatment to heal my problem successfully. Thank you!


Michael C. Tyle, 39, Dublin, Ireland

I bought my wife this cherry angiomas treatment and the results were great! It was definitely cheaper, safer and cleared her problem areas completely. I too have used the treatment on my neck and arm areas for exactly the same problem!