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Nature needs more help in some areas than others. And many women who may not consider surgical breast enhancement express an interest in alternative ways  to increase the size and improve the contour and firmness of their bust. Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment can enlarge breast size, develop fullness and shape, giving you a more attractive and sexier figure.    

Hormone imbalance has been found to be a leading cause to poor breast development during puberty. Furthermore, later in life due to age or childbirth a fluctuation of female hormones can perpetuate problems such as sagging and shrinking of a woman's breasts. Every woman's body has a predetermined genetic breast size. In most cases a woman's body was robbed of its full potential breast growth during puberty. This is due to a number of factors, which may have occurred during that time and which may have affected her hormone levels and thus her breast development. These factors can be bad dieting habits, shortage of minerals and vitamins, high levels of stress, and lack of exercise or over exercise. These hormone-misbalancing factors can negatively influence healthy breast development and growth. 

Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment contains phytoestrogens which are naturally occurring non-hormonal plant estrogens which stimulate your body to produce new breast tissue growth. During puberty a woman's body naturally produces estrogens which help in the development of new tissue. This hormone produced by the pituitary gland determines the size, shape and fullness of a woman's breasts. Lower levels of these hormones will result in smaller less developed breasts. Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment safely stimulates tissue growth resulting in bigger breasts, and improves the contour and the firmness of the breasts.

This all-natural breast enlargement treatment gradually augments the size and shape of your breasts using a formula that promotes a healthy transformation. This Breast Enlargement Treatment has been formulated from selected botanical extracts, spices, herbs extracts and foods, a balanced combination of a safe, all-natural ingredients formulation. The herbal blend is designed to enhance your system and reactivate your mammary glands to develop the breast tissue that increases your bust.  Contains fennel and caraway, herbs that have natural estrogenic properties from plant sources (phyto-estrogens)  which stimulates your body to produce new breast tissue growth.

Fennel has long been praised for its abundance of flavonoids. Flavonoids exert mild estrogenic effects and are used to repair and stimulate the growth of new breast tissue. As a cooling spice it also calms the nerves, relaxes muscles and promotes mental alertness.  While caraway oil contains carminative , stimulating  and galacagogue properties .  Contains geranium as a valuable essential oil for skin care. It's strength lies in the ability to regenerate tissues and nerves and to assist in balancing hormonal problems .    

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A formula rich in natural plant extracts that will seduce your senses and regenerate moisture. Also contains essential oils with concentrations of all natural substances will improve elasticity and increase blood circulation.

For most women, the reactivation of the mammary glands and the development of tissues for enlargement of the breasts takes four  to six  weeks, although you may experience fullness and firmness in as little as four weeks. Near the end of the first two months, while entering the third month, is when breast enhancement begins, enlarging from a 1/2 cup to 1 cup . Some women will experience breast enlargement and enhancement within this time frame; other women will experience growth outside this time frame.  Differences in metabolism and body chemistry can affect how quickly and effectively these herbs will work for you.  The level needed varies from person to person. 

Helps maintain balance in female hormones

Shapely breasts accentuate a woman's physique and self-confidence.

Maintains balance in female hormones and promotes  breast-size and firmness.

May reduce mild menstrual mood changes and cramping.




Note: Use left hand to massage right breast and vice versa.. Start with the left breast.

1. Shower and clean the breasts. Pat dry with towel.

2. Apply the Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment Cream (scoop 1 teaspoon level , apply half teaspoon on left breast).

3. Step A and Step B

Step A :Starting on the left breast , using the right  palm, apply the cream (small amount at a time )  using "palm-of-the-hand" contact. From the underarms, massage in circular movements until the cream is absorbed by the skin, apply another half teaspoon of  the cream and massage again. Continue to do so until the cream is used up.

Step B:  Using the right palm, place on the left side of the breast, just below your collar bone, apply moderate pressure and stroke the breast area from the top of the breast to the nipple, bottom stroke upwards to the nipple, and both the sides stroke  to the nipples (top 3 times, underneath 3 times  and both sides each 3 times) and repeat the other side.  Always applying moderate pressure and gentle strokes.

Repeat the above Step A and B on the right breast.

Use Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment consistently to achieve desired results. Apply twice daily, day and night. Use the cream for 3 weeks –leaving it off for the fourth week (menstruation week) and then repeating  this regime

Massage for twenty to thirty minutes on each side of the breast as desired.

Regularly massaging your own breasts allows you to recognize any new changes, as well as loving and honoring your breasts as sacred!


Not to be used during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Not for women under 16 years.

Breast enlargement treatment frequently asked questions

1. How does Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment work?

Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment works via phyto-estrogens in essential oils which are naturally occurring non-hormonal plant estrogens that can stimulate your body to produce new breast tissue growth. 


2. Are there any side effects? 


Naturalis Breast enlargement Treatment Cream is made entirely from all natural botanical plant and herbal extracts, spices and foods , therefore, individuals should not experience any side effects. A patch test is recommended prior to usage. The phyto-nutrients contained in Breast enlargement treatment have many additional health benefits such as calming of hormonal swings associated with PMS and menopause.


3. How much should I use each time? 


Apply a minimum of a quarter of a teaspoon (but depending on individual breast size and desired speed of breast enlargement, an individual may increase usage) onto the breast twice a day and massage with circular movements for about 3-5 minutes or until the cream is absorbed by the skin. Next , using both of palms and place on one side of the breast and apply a light pressure and gentle stroking technique (starting from the top ,underneath and the sides) on all direction and repeat the other side. Massage daily, possibly twice a day. You can dress straight after, it is absolutely non-oily and leaves your skin smooth and delicately scented.  


4. “In the beginning , I noticed  a significant increase in size and firmness and I  feel heavier and more curvaceous, however, the growth has slowed down. Should I continue to use the Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment ?”

This is a common occurrence, often women will reach a brief plateau phase followed by another significant growth period. Continue to use the Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment for another 4 to 6 weeks . The formula will not continue to increase breast size beyond your own natural maximum growth level. Your breasts will never become larger than what your body can naturally support.


5. How soon can I expect to see results? How much growth can I expect?


Most women achieve firming within 4 to 6 weeks  By the middle of the second month the breast size increase is beginning and by the end of the third month most women increase by cup to 1cup sizes. Results vary among women and how each persons body responds, overall general health, and genetics . Each individual has their own increase potential, but 1-2 cup sizes is a very realistic expectation.


6. How will I know if it is working?

Most women will begin to experience a slight tingling sensation in their breasts, normally the soreness is very slight and most women will not notice it. This usually occurs within 3-4 weeks after first use. Some women, howeve r,will only notice fullness in their breasts or they fit more snugly into their bras


7.Are results permanent?


The results you acquire from using the Breast Enlargement Treatment are permanent results. You may stop treatment once you have reached your desired goal. . However, we all age as time goes by. The results will not immediately disappear, however, some of our customers help counter this effect by using Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment once a day, three times a week for maintenance. With natural aging and gravity and normal cell changes, other factors such as pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight loss and weight gain, your breasts may lose some of their firmness over time.


8. I have uneven breasts. One side of the breast tends to be significantly smaller than the other breast. Will the Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment help even out my breasts?

The Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment has helped some women gain a more even growth of bust line. H
owever, please remember no two breasts are perfectly symmetrical.


9. Who should not use our cream?

Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment. Also, this treatment is meant for women after puberty and should not be used prematurely, only suitable for ages 16 years old and above.


10. If I am pregnant or lactating can I use Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment?


No, it is not to be used.


11. Will Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment affect my birth control?


No, it does not.


12. I have breast implants. Can I still use Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment?


No, women with breast implants are not suitable to use this product.


13. At what age can women start using this? Does it work for older women?

You should be at least age 16 years old when you begin using Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment. This breast treatment typically benefits women of ages 16 – 50 years old greatly.




Monica, 23 ,Hougang

After 2 weeks treatment, I felt like some natural swelling taking place and was pleasantly surprised. After 4 weeks, I felt about 1 inch and for the first time a 'jiggle'. After 2 months, the breasts are round, the shape is falling into a cup finally, and the nipples are fully erect. I am now 2 inches and in between bras.


Jeanette Lim, 18, Frankel Avenue

I have been using your Naturalis breast enlargement treatment for about 6 weeks. I noticed breast firmness almost right away. Breast growth took a little longer, but I am happy to say there has been some growth.


Lynn, 34, Choa Chu Kang

I have tried many breast enlargement treatments and I find that your breast enlargement treatment worked best for me. Although I managed only a half-cup size change, I did see a dramatic change in firmness and so did my husband.


Priscilla Ang, 42, Siglap

I started treatment about 1 month ago. After the second month was over, I had gone from a 32B to a 33B. I have to admit that I was still skeptical. I continued using the breast enlargement treatment and am now a 34B. My breast firmness has changed greatly, and I look so much more sexier now!




Fiona, 31, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A few of my friends, all between ages 25 and 35, tried the breast enlargement treatment and noticed the breast is more firm and tone within 6-9 weeks . Some had a small increase in breast growth but others, including myself, had noticed a significant increase in size. We are very happy to have tried this product.

Shirley G. Holsen, Houston, Texas, USA
I have  small breasts (barely a 32A cup). I tried your products for 2 months and my breast size increased by half a cup.  I recommended this to my friend in Utah who is using your breast treatment and have told me she has had good results too.

Jamie, 29, Ontario, Canada

I have been trying many non-invasive breast enhancement products. The results  have always been unsatisfactory - a lot of money wasted and no results gained. After using your Naturalis breast enlargement treatment for barely seven weeks, I have seen an increase of one and a quarter inches and significant firming and toning of the overall breast tissue. I am so thankful for this result!


Melissa J. Murray, London, United Kingdom

I have always been very uncomfortable with my small breasts . I have tried everything short of plastic surgery with no success. Since starting to use your breast enlargement treatment, my breast size has grown from half inch to one inch. I am very satisfied with the results and am continuing the treatment for potentially better results!


Ana Maria, 37, Visayas, Philippines

I have sagging breasts and a family friend of mine recommended your breast enlargement treatment to me . After 6 weeks of using the treatment,  my husband noticed some amazing results - my breasts were getting firmer and shapely looking and it made me feel attractive and sexier in appearance again .  You have made this mother of two boys a happy lady - they bring confidence and self-assurance in me once again.


Katherine R. Keller, 50, Washington, USA

The firmness of my bust line has improved so much after using your Breast enlargement treatment that my friends could not help but notice the difference and have been asking me if I have had breast implants.


Jessica B. Kane, 27, Los Angeles, USA

My husband has always been aware of how self-conscious I am because of my small breasts, he found out about the Naturalis breast enlargement treatment from a forum and bought this for me. I have been using your cream for 10 weeks and the result was nothing short of amazing. I went from 32A to 32B.


Heather W, Wallen, Sheffield, UK

After using your breast enlargement treatment, my breasts are more tone and more curvaceous and it has gotten rid of the unsightly wrinkles in my breast area! Thank you!


Sarah, Auckland, New Zealand

I am 39 yrs old and a mother of three. I have tried many different breast cream and pills trying to get my breasts to look more tone. I have been using your breast enlargement cream for almost four months and have really noticed that my breasts are definitely firmer and fuller. My husband noticed the difference too. This breast enhancement product really worked for me! Thank you so much!


Sandra B. Hollings, Perth, Western Australia

I have been using the breast enlargement treatment for five months and have seen great results. I progressed like what I was told would be achievable. My breasts went up 1 cup size (B75 to C75). I am very happy with the results. 


Nancy Xu, 23, Shanghai, China

I have grown a total of half an inch over the last six weeks. I feel sexier and my boyfriend loves the results!


Nicolette Chelton, 33, Paris, France 

After the birth of my third baby, I was devastated by how my breasts looked. I am a size D cup and I felt like I had to lift them up and strap them on. My friend told me about Naturalis Breast Enlargement Treatment and I decided to try it. After using for 4 weeks, my breasts were visibly firmer and more toned than before. I am proud to have my breasts back like in younger days! Good as new! Thank you!


Judy M. Foster, 46, Queensland, Australia

I am 46 years old and have considered implants many times, but I have been reluctant because of possible complications. I started using your Breast enlargement treatment 6 months ago, and I am very happy that I did so as my breasts have definitely grown larger.


Katey, 34, West Virginia, United States 

I was a skeptic at first and did not know if it would work. I decided to try it and I am glad I did. It saved me from going through surgery, and my breasts has become more toned and firmer looking.