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Way to clean out toxic time bombs

Are you unknowingly at risk? You need to become aware of your environment in which you live and the food you eat. Do you …..

  • experience headaches or aches and pains?
  • regularly consume caffeine or sugar, or need these substances to get through your day?
  • often feel tired or experience fatigue, etc?
  • have high blood pressure or elevated blood cholesterol?
  • eat fast foods, fried foods or refined foods?
  • suffer from overweight and tend to over eat?
  • suffer from congested sinuses or increased mucus in your nose or throat?
  • experience constipation or digestive problems?

If your answer is "yes" to three or more questions, you should seriously consider a natural detoxification program.  An overload of  toxins stored in your body will lead to chronic illness, premature ageing and death.  Take on the preventive measure now. Good nutrition and herbal preparations will provide this support.(Click to buy)

You are recommended to purchase a copy of "Detox and Live" as your information guide (Click to buy)

The Six Day Detox Program

  • simple and effective, combining organically grown and cultivated fruit and vegetable juices, and specially blended herbal teas and capsules
  • result of over thirty years of experience by leading European bio-technical scientists and nutritionists. 
  • based on detox treatments practised in Europe at exclusive retreats and health spas
  • feel energised again

How does this work?

  • replaces all the food you eat for six days 
  • interrupts your regular diet and cleanses your digestive system 
  • helps to adjust the natural flora of bacteria in your intestines so your body can better absorb all the nutrients it needs.

Why juice fasting?

  • Scientific research in Europe has shown that fasting on special fruit and vegetable juices results in fast recovery from disease, more effective cleansing and rejuvenation of the tissues.
  • Generous amounts of vitamins of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements in the range of Biotta Juices help destroy harmful bacteria and restore the biochemical and mineral balance in tissues and cells.
  • These vital elements are easily assimilated directly into the bloodstream without putting a strain on the digestive system.

What do I get in the Six Day Detox Program?


  • made in Switzerland from organically grown fruit and vegetables according to a specific formula designed to assist you to detox. In fact, some European health clinics and spas base their detoxification programs on these very special juices.
  • The certified organic produce is collected and pressed, the raw juice preserved with a patented process.
  • completely untainted, natural product
  • provides quick absorption of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements essential to your health


  • one of nature's most powerful liver herb
  • aid your liver, the body's major detoxifying and digestive organ, as it processes the toxins released during the Six Day Detox Program
  • clinically proven to reverse liver damage and is an excellent remedy in the prevention and treatment of many liver disorders.


  • most ancient form of health cure known, its power now backed by extensive scientific documentation
  • Specific herbal blends have been selected and formulated to assist and achieve the results of the program

6 days Detox Program - Price : $198 per program

Each Juice Program Pack contains :

Juice Program Guide
8 bottles of Biotta Juices
1 pack of Spring-Klenz tea (30 teabags)
1 pack of Breuss Laxative tea (30 bags)
1 bottle of St. Mary Thistle (60 capsules)

42 days Breuss Detox Program - Price : $1260 per program

Each Treatment Pack contains :

42 litres of Breuss Vegetable Juice 
1 pack of Balm Mint
1 pack of Cranesbill
1 pack of Peppermint
1 pack of Sage
1 pack of St. John Worts
1 box of Breuss Bit Mix
1 pack of Breuss Laxative tea (30 bags)
1 pack of Breuss Tea Mix (30 bags)
1 jar of Rapunzel Organic Vegetable Broth (500g)





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