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This special product combines the goodness of pure herbal essences with the natural detoxifying enzymes (more than 50 kinds that occur naturally in the human body) of Korean Red Clay. Korean Red Clay is a rare active soil with detoxifying, restorative and healing properties, which is formed through natural fermentation, a process that requires hundreds of years. Hence, it is highly limited in quantity. Other active ingredients include; rosemary, chamomile, lily, pine tree leaf, fennel oil and mint. Regular use promotes the overall well being of the body, moisturizing of the skin and creates an inner-glow, which radiates through the skin.

Directions :

1. Thoroughly cleanse face and neck.

2. Pour 1 pack of red clay and one vial of the natural Herb Essence into a bowl.

3. Mix red clay and essence well, until it is a smooth thick consistency.

4. Apply to clean face and neck evenly, avoiding the eyes and mouth.

5. Relax for 20-30 minutes until red clay dries.

6. Wash off red clay from face and neck with lukewarm water and thoroughly cleanse skin with mild cleanser. Follow with appropriate skin care.


Recommended Use :

1. Use at least once a week. This can be used as often as desired. The health and appearance of your skin will be greatly improved with regular use of this product.

2. For best result, refrigerate ready mixed red clay (make sure red clay mixture is wrapped with plastic food wrap to prevent loss of moisture) below 10 degrees celsius for 24 hours and apply as directed.

3. For full body treatment, add 2 packets of red clay to bath water and soak while applying red clay to face and neck as directed above. The steam from the bath will add additional benefit to skin. You may purchase red clay for bath use separately.


Suitable for all skin types. External use only.


Ingredients :

Red Clay Pack : Red Clay ,Yellow Ocher.

Essence : Chamomile, Green Tea, Mint, Rosemary, Lily, Fennel.



Tan Peiling, 52, Ang Mo Kio

I've been to spas for many years and finally there is a natural product that is convenient for home use. Clarifying Face Red Clay truly lives up to its claims. I feel totally refreshed and energetic after each use. My skin feels moisturized and smoother as well. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to stay on top of their health and look their best. I have bought it as a gift for many of my friends who have enjoyed using Red Mud ever since. 

Adrian Chan, 38, Bishan

I've been using Clarifying Face Red Clay ever since a friend gave it to me as a gift. I used to feel tired and lethargic after work but since using Red Clay, I feel more energetic and look younger too. My friends have complimented on the changes they see on me. Some of them have started to use Red Clay as well. Try it and you’ll be happy with the results too.  

Celia Zhuang, 26, Choa Chu Kang

I use Clarifying Face Red Clay after my workouts. It soothes my aching body and purges the stress and tensions from my body. The natural herbal essences are truly invigorating and pleasant to use with Red Clay. It's really a super product. 

Emily Wong, 25, Punggol

Clarifying Face Red Clay is great after a tiring day of work. I was skeptical at the beginning but now I'm hooked to it and my mum is using it as well. I've been to spa treatments but Clarifying Face Red Clay is really a different and pleasant experience. I feel great and my skin feels more supple and radiant as well. Now, I look forward to my own spa treatment at home. 

Jacob Blatt, 43, Southampton, UK

Clay spas are common in the UK but very expensive. I like being able to do my own spas at home and at a reasonable price for an all-natural product. I use it to detox and refresh myself after drinking sessions with my mates. I must say Clarifying Face Red Clay is one of the best products that I have tried for a long while. 

Jessica Rhodes, 28, Pittsburg, US

I visited Korea once on a tour and loved their spa mud treatment. I was ecstatic to find the famous Red Clay online. Now I can enjoy quality spa treatment in the comfort of my own home. Clarifying Face Red Clay is great for rejuvenating my tired body and detoxifies impurities that have accumulated in my body. It's a great way to relax and detox at the same time. Simply wonderful. 

Yuri Watanabe, 31, Kobe, Japan

Red Clay is highly prized in Japan. It is great that I can get Clarifying Face Red Clay online and use at home. Red Clay is effective for balancing my hectic lifestyle by re-energizing my tired body. I feel refreshed and recharged after using it.



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