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The essential solution

Essential oils, the versatile tools of the aromatherapist, are the essence of plants. They are the most concentrated form of herbal energy, representing the spirit or soul of the plant. They are responsible for the plant's fragrance. Genuine essential oils are distinguished by a remarkable diversity of complex substances; an ever changing blend of active ingredients, secondary components, and trace compounds which lend them their scents.

It is important to use only pure oils for aromatherapy. It is nature that creates each plant's unique chemical combination. The DNA structure in the plant world is compatible with the DNA structure of the human body.

Frenc & Merz is highly discerning about the quality and authenticity of essential oils and offers you an excellent range of pure, botanical oils from sound sources.

Comprehensive product range

The Hyalon® family of Pure Essential Oils  presents a diverse range of products to offer the right solution for all health conditions of varying severity.

Innovative technology

All pure essential oils are not the same. Hyalon® is unique. New technology makes Hyalon® the purest high quality essential oil for safe healthcare use.


Product Price USD/ 15ml Product Price USD/15ml Product Price USD/15ml Product Price USD/15ml
Aniseed Star 70 Basil, Sweet 71 Bergamot 69 Cajeput 68
Carrot Seed 77 Cassia 68 Cedarwood 68 Citronella 67
Cinnamon 71 Clary Sage 70 Clove Leaf 67 Coriander 72
Cypress 69 Eucalyptus 67 Fennel 70 Frankincense 88
Geranium 73 Ginger 72 Grapefruit 68 Hyssop 82
Juniper Berry 68 Kaffir Lime 69 Lavender 72 Lemon 67
Lemongrass 68 Lime 69 Majoram 74 Mandarin 69
Myrrh 85 Neroli 77 Nutmeg 68 Orange, Sweet 67
Patchouli 69 Pepper, Black 75 Peppermint 68 Petitgrain 72
Pine 67 Rose 82 Rosemary 68 Rosewood 69
Sandalwood 82 Spearmint 68 Tea Tree 68 Thyme 72
Vetiver 69 Wintergreen 68 Ylang Ylang 71


Product Price USD/100ml Product Price USD/100ml Product Price USD/100ml
Sweet Almond 100 Grape Seed 100 Sunflower 110
Golden Jojoba 200 Camellia Oil (Japan) 350 Rosehip Oil (Chile) 250
Calendula (Germany) 250  

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