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High quality natural floral essence

Mesotolyn® Floral Essence

Flower essence and floral essence are the condensate water that remains after the extraction of an essential oil by water or steam distillation.

Certain components are hydrophilic, which means they dissolve into water, and this produces what is variously known as a flower water, or hydrosol. The resulting fragrant water contains the very essence of everything that was contained within the plant when it was still alive and growing.

Floral essence can also be produced from herbs, needles, leaves, woods, barks and seeds. In aromatherapy, these products are more commonly referred to as hydrosols.

Chamomile Floral Essence
Calms skin irritations, itchiness and inflammation. Relieves skin disorders and dehydrated skin. It is an effective make-up remover and aftershave lotion. When used on the hair, it conditions the hair and scalp, and adds silkiness and luster to the hair.

Lavender Floral Essence
Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties helps treat skin inflammation, blemishes, burns, oily skin, and skin disorders such as including eczema and psoriasis. Aids in regenerating skin cells. Helps repair damaged or over-processed hair, and regulates oil production of the scalp.

Rose Floral Essence
Soothes skin irritations and inflammation. Moisturizing properties effectively helps to hydrate dry, sensitive, mature or stressed out skin. Smoothes wrinkles and nourishes skin. May also be used on dry, damaged hair.

Three unique products are available in this range : Lavender, Rose and Chamomile Floral Essence

Price : USD 150.00/ 200ml

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